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Meet Dr. Lisa

I started Diabetes Diva Coaching and Consulting, LLC to help adults with the prevention and management of diabetes through education, support and personalized strategies to live healthier lives.

In 2005, my mother was diagnosed with diabetes. It was difficult for her to understand all the complex information given to her by her healthcare provider to:


  • Help her make food choices

  • Know how to make good decisions based on her blood-sugar level

  • Understand how her multiple medications worked to manage her blood sugars/diabetes


My mother struggled almost every day while living with diabetes. In 2008, she lost her battle with diabetes after experiencing complications from this disease.


In addition to helping all people living with Type 2 Diabetes break through the barriers, I offer specialized educational programs for African American, LatinX, and Native American communities, who are the most at-risk groups for diabetes.

Certified Diabetes Education and Care Specialist (CDECS)

Board certified in advanced diabetes management

Doctorally-trained certified nurse practitioner (CNP) 

Assistant Clinical Professor at UNM College of Nursing 

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I remove barriers to help you manage your diabetes.

Ways I Can Help Your Diabetes

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Public Speaking

A diabetes coach helps the client figure out how to put instructions from their providers into practice. Dr.

Taylor provides strategies that work! Dr. Taylor has successfully worked with clients to lower their A1c to their target (often less than 7.5%).

Dr. Taylor would be pleased to speak with you about your interest in our services. Consulting provides an initial no-charge consultation and needs analysis to ensure that we have the skills to be of help to you. Topics include but are not limited to: HEDIS and STAR aspects of your practice.

Dr. Taylor provides virtual and in-person presentations for small and large groups. Topics may include, but are not limited to diabetes distress, strategies to successfully coach patients, diabetes teamwork.

Individual appointments can be conducted by phone, Skype or Zoom. All appointments include ongoing e-mail support to respond to questions, concerns, and to offer positive reinforcement as needed.

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Pay Policy

Diabetes coaching is not covered by insurance. We do our best to make sure it's accessible to all.



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